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About a year had passed. I visited the house once or twice. By this time my friend had moved to the far side of the house (the dark quiet place next to the barber room). This room was much bigger, but it was on the furthest opposite side from the living room where his parents spent all their time. Being a big house, we were pretty much alone back there.

One night, while spending the night (as I swore I never would), I started asking him about creepy things that happened at the house. He told me of the odd bumping noise here or there, of being spooked often... but he said he wouldn't tell me about other things.

I goaded him. I told him I am not afraid to hear of the story. He looked me square in the eye and said "I'm afraid to talk about him."

The 'him' was something he went through as a small child. He was about 5 years old, sleeping with his mom and dad in their bed, when he woke up to see a tall black figure standing next to the bed. He explained the figure as having an 'ice cream cone' shaped head, swirly at the top but not at all like a normal persons head. The being begin to slowly lean over the bed and his sleeping parents and spoke (telepathically I believe). He said, "If you move I will kill you and your parents. I will kill you." The being repeated this over and over to my friend for what felt like 3 hours to him.

So... my friend was pretty much held captive by a demonic entity at the age of 5 in his own bed while his parents slept on either side of him.

He begin to cry while telling me this story, and I told him he didn't have to say anymore. We both went to bed that night. He turned on his stereo really loud and blared Eminem music : a habit of his at the time. He needed loud music to go to sleep... I didn't understand why. Now I know it was to drown out the noises in the house.

As I lay there in the dark, Eminem screaming about raping and murdering his wife (what a lovely track that was) I begin to further understand that this house was under the hand of something dark...
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