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The first thing I noticed about this house was that it was dark inside even with open windows and sunshine outside. The kind of atmosphere where light gets scattered and suffocated before it can even pass through the windows. This was the house my friend had grown up in, and to him, this was normal.

When he left me alone in the living room to go get his things, I immediately felt 'it' on the back of my neck. I could feel the lower vibrations in the corner of the living room, where his father would drink a fifth of tequilla to himself every night. I could feel the badness and I didn't like it.

We went into my friends room and at the time he was living in a small room next to the staircases which lead up to his parents bedroom. Anyone who knows about spirits and staircases... well... I don't need to say anything.

Oddly enough, when he moved into the far side of the house into another room, he was next to another flight of stairs.

I should mention that this house was built 100% against all feng shui concepts, and even at 14 years old I was able to explain this to him. The energy flow was horrendous. Every room had at least two doors going into it. Windows were everywhere (except his smaller first bedroom)... the house was a trap for spirits.

His smaller bedroom which we were in at the time had one window. It was a small room. The window was small. The window was covered in stickers. I asked why he did that. He said something about being creeped out at night and not wanting to see things looking in at him.

My friend was a chronic liar about many things. I assumed he was lying about most of the stuff he told me. You will see later why I have come to believe all of it.
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