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Originally Posted by bemore View Post
I honestly dont know how I missed this gem........I have shared it on my "alternative news" page on facebook and allready im getting PMs of collective anger and disbelief.

This video is gonna wake up the world if we continue to share it.

Its not telling US anything we didnt allready know......but its simplicity and unbiasedness is astounding.

Im sure if every single person in the world was shown this video then our current banking system wouldnt continue to operate the way it has been allowed to for centurys.

Get the popcorn out people

and then make it viral
Once one becomes aware of the giant Ponzi Scheme that is our banking system, it explains a whole lot of things. Bernie Madoff was not the exception but the rule who just happened to be exposed for what everyone else is doing albeit much more carefully and secretive. Madoff just got careless and risky, and he really did want to come clean at the end. Look at the way the Jewish Banksters f**ed him over too. Disgusting.
Lies are weapons that they use against us. Belief in those lies are the chains they use to bind us. This includes Fear. Knowledge is the key to unlocking those chains and is also a shield that makes their weapons useless.
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