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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
The bible was compiled from dozen of text by Roman catholics. And is full of ideas that can be seen as either left or right wing.

Love, tolerance, turning the other cheek= left wing.

Fear, shame, promoting slavery, denouncing sodomy= right wing.

People on either sides of the political spectrum pick and choose what they see. So far, so reasonable. Right?

Why do nasty people choose the right wing ideals? Why do nice people choose left wing ideals?????
the left is not about love and tolerance

the left is full of supremacists of all kinds who have developed a 'race consciousness' and push the elites agenda of MASS immigration to forward their own racial agenda

the left is FULL of intolerance which is why they police what everyone says, thinks and does the whole time under political correctness

what is called 'the left' these days in the corporate media is nothing more than a vehicle for the cabals globalist technocracy

Many people are dumb enough to go along with it because they think it will give them free stuff when actually it is going to replace them with robots and then phase them out of existence

the evidence for this is mounting by the day, ignore it at your peril
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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