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Default The Poor had no Lawyers

The title of this thread is from a book I'm reading by Andy Wightman. Its pretty heavy reading which is probably why it's sat on my shelves for years! I'm going to discipline myself to chip away at it and read a couple of pages a day.

I'll be posting some quotes from the book along with my own thoughts on the issues it covers. Andy's previous book was called 'Who owns Scotland' and he has a website under that name in which he's been attempting to plum the depths of the land records and determine who owns all the land in scotland. The porocess has not been easy due to the arcane law relating to land ownership and I'm sure i remember reading somewhere that if land had been owned for over 300 years the owners did not have to appear in the land registry!

To give an idea as to why this is such a big issue in Scotland I'll give the following stat: half of the land in Scotland is owned by 432 people. So how did this happen? That's a question i'll be exploring in this thread as well as trying to tie it into the global conspiracy for a 'new world order'

This issue is not always black and white however as the NWO has its own plans for the worlds land which involves clearing the people into urban zones and creating wilderness zones. Its with this in mind that I'll approach subjects such as 'rewilding' that are so heartily embraced by modern environmentalists with some caution.

I'll kick off with a quote from the book:

''We are all creatures who require shelter and nourishment and that comes from a place to call home''
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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