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Arrow Way of the Dragon

By studying the films, he learned Bruce Lee's moves and how to handle the "Nun chukey" chain sticks..

Abbas Alizada was 14 when he got hooked on Bruce Lee action movies..Martial arts heroes like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee have always been popular in Afghanistan and films are easily available on local bazaars..Abbas - like many other young fans - tried out the moves and was keen to learn the art properly..For a few months he trained at a Kabul sports club, but the family did not have the money for him to continue..Instead, Abbas worked out at home..Now he has finished secondary school, but his family is poor and further studies are out of the question..In the setting of Kabul's iconic Darul Aman palace he performed sequences from Bruce Lee's best-known films, Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon.."Bruce Lee is a model for our society, as an athlete and as a character," he says.. "He won't be repeated and I may not be Bruce Lee, but I'll continue on his way until I dye"..., Daddy, I've got a proposition for you.. Listen very carefully, please.. We are investing in corruption, Mr Roper..Ow yeah. Provide your customers with products they need..The business of corruption is like any other business..I told ya.. We were gonna be friends to the end...

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