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Originally Posted by dude111 View Post
When you think about the past,10+ years ago what is your favourite thing about it?

Mine is HOW MUCH BETTER THINGS WERE MADE.... Quality was 1000% better,clothes felt better to wear,etc....... Houses were made better (Well 50+ years ago)

I am quite disgusted with how things have gone over the last few years,all this cheap crap replaced GOOD THINGS we remembered from years ago.......

What do you think??
you mad?

I live in a house that was built in the 1930's, and there isnt a square room in the house!!

all the walls and at LEAST 5 inches out......

Not to mention, the walls on my second floor are made with a type of block that is pretty much everything they had lying around fused together with some type of crappy gloop that solidified.....
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