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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Anyone seen, particularly in the Liverpool area, vehicles and shop windows with signs or stickers saying "don't buy the Sun"?. Why people just slag off the Sun when every other mainstream newspaper is reporting the sane crap baffles me. I feel guilty guilty as me & my gf rented a cheap caravan from the Sun newspaper recently. My gfs friend despises the Sun and would've strung my gf up from the nearest lamppost if she knew she had done that.

Just because we're getting the truth and justice for Hillsborough, doesn't mean well get the truth about 9/11 and all the other false flag events, Dunblane cover up, etc. People still think the official version of those events are true. The Hillsborough justice campaigners arent branded as conspiracy nutcases, which is why the media is all welcoming of them, unlike 9/11 truthers who just get ignored and put into the conspiracy theory camp.
The Sun was the newspaper that really stuck the knife in over Hillsborough. Other papers had the same information as The Sun but they didn't run the article. The info came from South Yorkshire Police by all accounts...

They made up so much crap about the Liverpool fans, claiming they were all drunk, no one had a ticket, they were robbing the dead, urinating on the police, and then the infamous headline called The Truth. Which it wasn't.

This is a link from the Hillsborough indepenant panel and there is a link to the original copy of the sun newspaper.

There is still a banner on the Kop which is displayed before every game saying 'Don't buy The S*n'. It's fair to say it's not a well liked newspaper in Liverpool.

They also called the ex Everton player Ross Barkley and his relatives a few nasty things recently, so the paper and their staff was banned at Goodison as well. Then he was suspended from the paper.

Kelvin McKenize could have sorted all this out back in 1989, he phoned the Liverpool manager and asked what he could do, and Kenny Dalglish said they should apologise, but McKenzie wouldn't. It took him 23 years to finally say sorry.

I guess the whole Sun thing is because they really went over the top blaming Liverpool fans for Hillborough. When it was all down the to useless fuckwits at South Yorkshire Police. People finally got the truth as to why 96 people died and was down to the police.

9/11 conspiracy theorists always get laughed at as we all know those planes knocked the towers down It is too big a lie for them ever to admit to taking down those towers for political reasons.
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