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Well, how does this work?

Well, there's the problem of powering the thing. Almost all RFID tags depend entirely on the reader to get the power they need to function.

And more over, these things are used for identification, and have very limited memory and computing power. How are you going to program one to record and store the fish's position over time.

And if water absorbs radio and microwave energy, how can it receive anything from a GPS satellite to even know where the fish has been? [Edit: You said by tracking day length. I suppose if the thing included a clock, that could be plausible.]

And lastly, if these things can record a persons position over time, and then dump all that information to a reader when the person does finally come in range of one, then saying 'they can only know where you are if you're near a reader' is false. They can know where you are wherever you are, there is just a latency defined by how often you come in contact with a reader.

Whatever the chips in the fish are doing, it is obviously beyond the scope of traditional RFID, and as such, shouldn't be referred to as RFID. me,it looks like through electro-magnetic induction,using minute amounts of electrical (Physiological) energy,from the carrier,ie...salmon,cat or
human.Have a close look at the RFID chip,it's glass,capsule shaped with small
copper windings going into a epoxy core,where the memory chip is stored.The
windings power the chip,which transmits the signal,it was once coined telegraphy,the feeding of electricity without conduits,or wires.Old Tesla stuff,
but we use it today with wireless modems and phone towers.
We are the powerhouse,dynamos (Batteries)...that power the thing...all of
you,go and get a kirlian photo of yourself,where you will witness a mostly
invisible field of energy,that morphs in colours every second,with how you think...thought,is a very powerful form of electrical energy,psychics learn to harnass this,many of us,throw it about...not realising how precious this energy is...That's why,They Live,We Sleep...
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