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Originally Posted by grachtengordel View Post
"can't be motivated to research the issue properly"?

what was that for?

did I previously upset you in some other thread?

just what is your problem?

I am just another human , trying to work this stuff out with what limited info i can glean from wherever.

Nobody in here has ever upset me. This is an internet forum. It was a netural statement. No offence intended.

Originally Posted by grachtengordel View Post
oh, thanks for that. did you respond to genuinely share this info or is this just a 'correction' so you can feel 'one up' ?
so how does the chip record the data regarding the salmon's movements? there MUST be an 'active' element to the chip when it is away from the 'reader'

you post this map, supposedly of salmon movements in the ocean...

so how does the chip know where the salmon have been? did the salmon pass by a 'reader' which recorded ON the chip when the fish passed? if you 'chip' a fish and let it free in the ocean, how is the info ever going to be recorded onto the chip? surely , if there are not billions of 'readers' floating in the ocean, and the chip has such a limited 'range' of readability, how come do the chips recoerd ANY info about the fish and its movements? all the salmon that are recovered would have 'empty' chips
There are several methods for gathering distribution data. In this case (eg OP's data logger or Chip) the most commonly used method is to log photo periods, or day length. When a chip/logger is recovered you can use some fancy software that transl;ates the 'daylength' information into longitudinal & latitudinal positions. It's a fairly complex process that does, however, provide useful data for building distribution/movement models.

As I said in an earlier post inside this thread - I'll upload some papers to Speedyshare if anybody is really interested.
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