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Dear David and team,

I will try to get to the point........and my question is this and be patient:

With the understanding that this is my subjective opinion/ question would you not agree that a possible reason for TPV going belly up was not taking into consideration the dwellers on the threashold: for example the half-way housers who recognise the darkness and the light......

........We know the superficial goo, which we deal with every day in our working lives and when we return home, after the "racket", we again know another, infinately, more profound reality.

The show was too un-mainstream.....instead, give folks a good laugh, make them think through laughter......make them think through over exagerated stupidity until they realise the reality of the world that they are living in..........and then, ask them to listen to the news with their trousers on back-to-front?

"Harmony and Beauty Through Conflict".....In simple terms: There is no gain without pain........ Make the F.ckers suffer through their own-created joy, pain and apathetic intentions towards themselves and others. Break down the two-way mirror of "reality"!!! and recognise the unity of all.


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