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Originally Posted by hunter77 View Post
sounds an interesting idea. i myself am looking at building a log cabin in my back garden. a miniture scale version( big enough for a bed , table and woood burner, though) , but to the same spec. i was going to do it in the summer but situations and cash flow have changed. it would be easier to buy a summer house and convert it, but for my own reasons and the dream of building a full scale one it the future, i wan't to do it properly
I like your log cabin idea but, if you're short of funds, cob is the next best thing. Cob is a mixture of clay soil (or manure ), sand and straw (or other fibrous material). I was very surprised, actually, at how very versatile and strong it is. For someone like me who doesn't have enough brute strength to construct something heavier it's ideal. All you need, really, is a tarpaulin to mix it up in and some sort of wooden framework knocked together with nails (plus 2 large plastic sheets, one to line the floor and one to line the roof). If you build it to certain specifications you don't need any planning permission either. It's, apparently, fairly easy to include things like second-hand doors and windows (very convenient) and you can even build ovens and fireplaces! I've thought about selling my house and buying a piece of land (as others have done) but it's not a project I'd want to do entirely alone. That's why I asked about the eco-village idea
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