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Originally Posted by the jock rock View Post
I'm sorry to tell you they "bloody can".
By bessie mate was down by the White Horse and frequented an alehouse "the Barge Inn".He knows one of the creators of these works of art.
It is quite easy to make complecated patterns as long as you have six equal lengths of string and two poles.(Celtic Art).
It is impossible to make non-random patterns-even a machine can't.Show me one of these and i'll believe.
Hi jock rock.

What about these?

with some kind of a mathematical code they decoded

And these 2 came exactly at the same place 1 year before

You gotta take a look at this (about the message)
if this is man made ,damn they've must have planned it good

This is also one of the amazing one's witch I really really doubt is man made



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