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Originally Posted by waxedsoul View Post
I’ve felt really sick and upset all day today because of this- I’d absolutely hate to think I’ve in any way been responsible for stirring the pot or making things worse- your message to me really upset me, jollyolly.

I was tired and ill when I posted this morning, and on reflection I do regret getting involved with this thread- because the allegations are so very serious that I don’t wish to speculate on the matter any further. I was just naturally shocked seeing the videos, and am mortified to think anything I could have written might be misconstrued or a cause for offence.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that this is all going public, and I’m worried that our commenting may be inadvertently detrimental to the case, to be honest. It’s left me with a very uneasy feeling all day, and I’ve been genuinely upset about it. So in a sense I'm glad someone reigned me in- it's such an emotive issue and needs to be handled sensitively- apologies if anything I've said has caused offence.
Don't get upset by anonymous knobends and wind-up merchants who are voicing opinions on videos they admit they have not watched.

That is their job.
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