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wow... Just watched this.

So we are plasma and I was thinking this afternoon that when adults say to children that deceased so and so is now a star in the sky... may have some truth in it after all....then I watched this.

143 1+4+3 = 8 = Infinite

His children died but lived in his Universe.....
Purple, of course, is pointing to Saturn again.
And of course blue pointing to blue gods.

But for me, the most take away learning was that we have so much more power. There was transmutational element in this film too. He was using his anger i.e. negative energy and turn it into something useful. Like Harry Potter, magic in 3D world doesn't work like in the movie, and I think this film was made into more dramatic of course but it showed that we have so much power to affect the world and the only thing that's stopping us is our limited thinking which came with the education.

Another interesting message is....if Joe was still waiting for god to come along and fixes his problem when in fact he had to save himself i.e. he had to become god. Wake up people. No point in praying to Jesus. Borrow his essence by all means but it's an entirely different thing.

I probably need to watch again to pick up more symbolism etc but I'll sleep on it to see what other things come to me.

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