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Originally Posted by ipso facto View Post
Do you think that every child that is taken away comes from a loving family? Love can be shown in some very odd ways. What do you think the government have to gain from 'stealing' children from their families? Are these children taken and made to work down the mines or do the government use them for experimental purposes, or slave trade? What actually is the purpose or the gain from taking perfectly happy normal children away from loving families? What about all those children who have died at the hands of their loving family because Social Services did not act? Come on, strike a balance. I wouldn't send your letter to anyone unless you have heaps of evidence of individual cases where this has happened.

A child snatching protocol - what planet do you live on? Social Services have guidelines to follow if they consider a child is in danger - if the family have done no wrong or have not brought any kind of attention to themselves like not registering a birth etc - then where mistakes are made are a few isolated cases in the 1000s that have been for the benefit of the child.

Okay everybody, please KNOW that this IPSO twit is an illuminasty shill. He knows that Child Snatching Protocol is the CORRECT term for what is happening. Its becoming obvious, if one is awake to the trends, and one cares about kids and has their own or friend and loved ones who are parents, that the Child "protection" services are fucking families over, and taking many many kids that are quite okay with their parents. Ipso, however, would rather uphold the bureaucratic bullshit that "all is well" and not to worry, the state is not really trafficking in children folks, move along, nothing to see here. Hold the line, illuminasties!!!!! wtf they do with those kids is anybodies guess, but ......
heres the tthing... its just white kids. Blue eyed, or pale eyed, good looking white kids. This is who the paedos want to fuck/hurt and SELL. they sell them to the arabs or the rich Asians, and ... you dont want to know. However, if you are black (and no, im NOT A RACIST. IM telling it how it is. At this point, after what fucking white CPS agents are doing, id rather be a black woman) and even better if you are black and ugly, you could put your ciggies out on your kids and the Child Protectors still wont get called on you by anybody squealing. According to those who profit from slavery of children, selling kiddies to whoever wants them, black just doesnt sell as well in the paedo rings... or the adoptive parents wont shell out for them.
So, Ipso, you pompous fkwtt, please know that people aren't as stupid as you hope. Luckily. You can bluster and try to make people feel stupid for believing something, but in the end it wont slow the tide of the truth.
Also,l i want to know, what you do as a day job Ipso... are you a cop, or are you a lawyer? Tell us why you so vehemently protect your nasty masters and their REVOLTING status quo?
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