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Default Non compliance

There was a great interview with David Icke on the Alex Jones show this week. Here's the link to Part one:
Talking about non-compliance. I can't remember which video number it was on but its worth listening to all 8.

We haven't got to leave it all to the Freeman movement. All of us have got to get off our butts and start to be leaders. We are a minority who have woken up to what is going if we don't actually do something then how are the unawake majority going to get the message. If we don't get out there and stop complying with the system...who else is going to do it?

There's all sorts of groups trying to help us get out of this control matrix.I know most of you are up to speed on the Freeman movement but check out "Tax Free 15" and "United We Strike" too. I was just put onto them this month...simple idea... and they are great for people who can't jump totally out of the system.

Its so important to store food and have a top of the range clean water system. How long do you think it would take to clear the supermarket shelves if there was disruption, strikes or problems by design? A day?

If you don't have a decent supply of storable food then you really need to look into it now. It is the number one tool that the system can use to make us comply
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