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Originally Posted by jmandalis View Post
Aren't you the 23 year old virgin?

Anyway the whole 3D vs. 4D thing is beyond stupid.

This world is not in 3D space, which represents a fixed snapshot in time like a picture, but instead is in four dimensions representing; height, width, depth, & TIME. This is the standard spacetime model of the universe. To say that we are in 3D while the space lizards are in 4D or whatever is just dumb. 4D is a mathematical model. Seriously, David Icke must have been drunk in school to have missed this in math class.

These dimensions refer to mathematical points in a Cartesian coordinate system, not some science fiction concept.

Stop talking about 3D vs. 4D like it means something. What it really shows is that most people should have been flunked out of school. Seriously? You think you live in 3D and not 4D do you? You aren't qualified to make my french fries.
In the New Age when they say dimension, they actually mean density.
So 4D is 4th density, but 4th density is actually "less dense" than 3D etc.

In this model there is usually 12-13 dimensions, and then you move up into the next octave. According to Drunvalo the ascended masters reached that next octave, and so now all humanity will be able to get there too.

Icke, Drunvalo and Kavassilas all have this notion of the negative forces or archons ruling from the lower-mid frequencies of the 4th dimension, even at that level they could have god-like abilities, but they do have certain limitations, and have to work through systems, hierarchies, human energy, and human permission in many ways.

Almost all of the people in the new age agree that our time in 4D will be pretty short, we need to jump to 5D which will be like a going-home experience, spiritual fulfillment and full god powers. we will also be well beyond the reach of the forces in 4D. The real purpose of the 5th dimension will be a springboard, we will use it to accelerate ourselves up into the next octave.

Now that whole idea is actually pretty old now, and has been replaced with models like Bashar and Abraham-Hicks. The idea with them is that we are shifting realities billions of times per second, and we have to steer ourselves towards realities that are more and more commensurate with our signature vibration and highest joy. We do this by loosening and breaking down old rigid belief systems, and by doing that we can make bigger shifts towards our highest joy, drop the baggage that doesn't belong to you and you will be lighter, and therefore able to move forward quicker.

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