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Originally Posted by felixfelix View Post
reminder - there has been no inquest in this case:

Why so?
So any deaths connected to the so called "Royals' is delayed for years....The nurse too

Corruption or what
Speed of Saturn =9.69 km/s....Methuselah, oldest in Bible at 969 years...435 members in US HOR 435+534=969...Bin Laden Killed on 831st Day Obama was in office 831+138=969....Cost of Obama's stimulus 831 billion 831+138=969...12 signs of Zodiac total 912, 912=912+9x1x2=930+039=969....Bin laden born 3/10/1957 1608 days before obama 1608+8061=9669..Israel founded 5/14/1948, 1948=19x48=912+9x1x2=930+039=969...14/5, 231 days left of year 231+2x3x+1=237+732=969...On & On it goes always to Saturns 969

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