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Originally Posted by cousin_frothy View Post
It appears that you have provided a concentration of evidence to support the notion (that I agree with) that 9/11 was an inside job.

Where you seem slightly off track is that, strong evidence and proof are two separate things. You appear to have falsely unified them.

Though this does not mean that your posts are incorrect, merely that they are not proof.
I guess you`re right. It`s just that the two alternative interpretations of the evidence, that the drills didn`t really happen or that it was all just coincidence, seem to me to be so insanely unlikely I have discarded them completely in my mind.
To the extent anything can be truly proven I think this has been because of the glaring lack of any other way to interpret the evidence. I agree it doesn`t show you Wile Y Coytote pushing the plunger so in that sense it`s not conclusive proof. But not even the shills have been in here to suggest some other way to apply the evidence that doesn`t make 9/11 an inside job. I mean, aliens or just anything! Maybe you can think of something, but I can`t.
As soon as somebody presents a believable alternative interpretation of the evidence I will keep considering the combined evidence strong enough to be proof. When they do I will agree that it`s just evidence again.

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