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Originally Posted by air_bn View Post
The drills and exercises are even on wiki:,_2001

Just some of them, and it certainly doesn`t explain that the 9/11 attacks were carried out through them, or that there were more of them going on that day than on any other day in history. It also fails to mention that the drills perfectly mirrored the attacks and/or helped sabotage emergency responses.
Amalgam Virgo was even "monitoring" the alleged hijackers and it is obvious that these guys were patsies or props in that drill. This drill was also part of an ongoing bogus investigation into the "al Aida cell" being "run" by Mohammed Atta, but all the files regarding this sabotaged investigation were destroyed shortly after 9/11.

The significance of the drills has not been exposed to the public, and Wikipedia`s pointless little article is a whitewash trying to hide this crap in plain sight. It just takes about five minutes of digging into all this before you realize that it`s all dirty. You`re just willfully ignorant, and there`s no point even talking to you unless you can see this stuff. It just could not be more obvious.
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