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Originally Posted by air_bn View Post
I'd stick with the provable drills angle, 7 is just another distraction.
I always thought so too, but WTC 7 is an eye opener for a lot of people. And every other detail of the 9/11 unraveling benefits from understanding the drills, and in the case of WTC 7 that it was the likely fourth target, the emergency management center for Giuliani, FEMA and CIA and the most likely place from which 9/11 was staged in New York. Demolishing it is likely to have been an act of destroying the evidence, and the people involved need to be held to account for treason and/or war crimes. In any case, the obvious controlled demolition of WTC 7 is incontrovertible evidence supporting my general claims regarding the drills. It fits perfectly with what I just alleged about the function of it on 9/11.
Point by point the drills are a mirror of the actual event, which makes me wonder why so few people are talking about them. My guess is that it`s so damning it can`t possibly be brushed off as a "conspiracy theory". Anybody in the truth movement not talking about the drills are a bit suspicious I think.

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