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The Canberra Times - Thursday 17 November 1988
Elite Nazis given jobs in Britain after war: MP

LONDON:-Britain had recruited former members of elite Nazi units, including scientists, to counter a postwar labour shortage, a Member of Parliament said on Tuesday.

Greville Janner, secretary of the Parliamentary War Crimes Group, said the names of 250 suspected war criminals had been given to a government panel investigating claims that wanted ex-Nazis found refuge in Britain.

Presenting the group's study on how war criminals and Nazi collaborators were brought into Britain without being screened, Mr Janner told a news conference, "This report shows that literally thousands of people who were members of the Waffen SS came into the country without proper checking."

The report accused the Foreign Office of disregarding complaints and actively concealing former Waffen SS members.

Mr Janner, a former war-crimes investigator, said 250 names were in the hands of an official war crimes commission headed by former chief state prosecutor Thomas Hetherington, who was expected to present his report next year.

Former Home Secretary Merlyn Rees, chairman of the War Crimes Group, said its study showed that many government officials had not been concerned about the wartime activities of more than 90,000 displaced persons from Eastern and Central Europe who were recruited for labour schemes in Britain.

German scientists, whose former Nazi connections were known to senior members of the Government, were brought over to Britain to work on both civilian and military projects, he said.

The report said 8000 Ukrainian prisoners of war, who served in a unit formed from a Waffen SS division, were brought to Britain from Italy.


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