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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
yes sometimes it logs me out every time I go to a new page

mostly though it happens when I have typed a reply to someone and I hit reply or post

it takes me straight to the log in page

so now I copy and paste replies so I can come right back in and say it

I wonder if this is happening to everyone or just certain people ?

I remember whatsisname with the ALTERATI avatar saying it keeps logging them out too

*edit* a couple of months back maybe longer I went to hit reply to someone and my entire PC went into a weird shut down and it was saying it was sending packages of something somewhere and wouldn't let me do anything until it was sent

so I assumed back then that was some dumb ass working for the cabal who wanted to do something to my PC or put me on a list

stupid fkers should know by now my social media has been full of conspiracy stuff since day one

back when myspace was a thing it was loaded with Icke's vids I could use and also slating the 9/11 official story

people even told me they had to stop being my friend because their company was checking social media and they didn't want to be associated with me in case it got them fired lol

and that's how subservience to the cabal begins

$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ traps
We will have to learn from multiple personality disorder people and start creating altered ego and be a good citizen by day and be a devil by night.
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