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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
i'll give you another example of peoples misplaced anger

people are angry at the tory government for grenfell tower but buildings like grenfell were built by MARXISTS

That 'brutalist' style of architecture was built by marxist city planners looking to build their technocratic cities of the future where everyone is crammed into giant factory farming blocks

They are labour buildings! if people want to get angry about grenfell and the design of that building they should learn their history and see where that style of building comes from and yes if you build buildings upwards so that they stand upright like the wick of a lantern and they catch fire then flames will rise and they will torch the whole building

But none of the marxist architects and planners who built that crap EVER lived in them; they're FABIAN champagne socialists who have grand schemes to change society in ways that keep the workers as cogs in their giant machine and where is the dignity in that?
I don't support Labour or the Conservatives. They are both crap and have sold this country down the river for as long as I can remember.

I 100% agree with you over the buildings being Labour buildings, and again I agree with you about the champagne socialists.

Neither party give a shit about the people of this country.
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