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Default Nazis, CDU, European Commission

It’s amazing that all of these German Nazis (that weren’t executed) had such successful careers after the end of WW II (the British Nazis won)...

Lawyer Hans Globke was a key figure in Hitler’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.
In 1935, Hans Globke wrote the bill for the “Protection of the German Blood...” and co-authored the official legal annotation on the new Reich Citizenship law; one of the Nuremberg Laws that revoked citizenship of German Jews. Needless to say Globke’s annotation didn’t criticise the racist law at all.
In 1938, Globke became Undersecretary as a reward for his "extraordinary efforts in drafting the law for the Protection of the German Blood...". On 25 April 1938, Reich Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick praised Globke for being the most “efficient official" in drafting anti-Semitic laws.

After he was caught by the Allied forces, Globke simply claimed that he had been part of the “resistance” against National Sozialism, and was therefore “exonerated”. Globke was a willing witness for both the defence and the prosecution at the Nuremberg trials.
In 1949, he was appointed undersecretary at the German Chancellery for the CDU party. In 1951, he drafted the bill that restored back pay, pension, and advancement to civil servants who served in the Nazi regime (including himself).
From 1953-1963, he served as Secretary of State and Chief of Staff of the West-German Chancellery and was one of the closest aides to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. He was the main government's liaison with NATO and western intelligence services, including the CIA.

At the beginning of the 1960s, Globke was accused for responsibility for the Holocaust in Greece.
In May 1961, Adenauer intervened to transfer the criminal proceedings to the public prosecutor's office in Bonn, where it was closed due to “lack of evidence”:

When Brexit was staged some interesting articles appeared that the European Union was founded by German Nazis. That is not my opinion...
On 24 April 1964, some key architects met at the “Brussels EU” headquarters to discuss the future of Europe. The 5 men in the following picture had all been active members of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WWII.

1. Walter Hallstein - EU Commission President
In 1958, German lawyer Hallstein was selected as the founding president of the so-called EU Commission, the highest body within the “EU” (he remained its president until 1967). He was affiliated with the CDU.
Before and during WWII Hallstein was a fervent advocate of Nazi law. On 23 January 1939, 3 years after the German Nazis had issued the Nuremberg racial laws – and only months before the Nazis attacked Poland – Hallstein heralded the future European law under German leadership (see below).

2. Ludwig Erhard - German Chancellor
In 1942, economic consultant Erhard founded and became the director of the Nazi-financed “Institut für Industrieforschung” (“Institute for Industry Research”).
He was married to the sister of Dr. Guth, the head of the “Reichsguppe Industrie” – the Nazi’s official association of German industrialists.
After WW II ended, Erhard became an economic consultant to the Allied forces (that was starving millions of Germans to death) and later Minister of Economic Affairs and Chancellor for the CDU in post-war Germany. He was responsible for the rehabilitation of IG Farben managers into leading corporate positions.

3. Ludger Westrick - Head of the German Chancellery
During WW II, Westrick was chairman and trustee of the state-owned “Vereinigte Industrie-Unternehmen AG” (VIAG) during the Nazi era.
In post-war Germany, Westrick joined the CDU. Westrick was the immediate successor of Globke (see above) as head of the German chancellery.

4. Karl Carstens, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Carstens was an enthusiastic Nazi, who joined the SA in 1934. He became a registered member of the NSDAP in 1940.
In 1955, he (also) joined the CDU.

5. Karl-Günther von Hase, Head of the Information Service of the German government
In 1936, Von Hase joined the Wehrmacht. In 1939 he participated in the invasion of Poland; in 1940 the Battle of France; and from 1941 to 1945 the Invasion of Russia.
He married the daughter of a Nazi-General and was also a member of the CDU party:
(archived here:

On Hallstein (1 in the previous picture) there are some contradictory stories on the internet...
The “independent” Wikipedia for example insinuates that Hallstein “rejected Nazi ideology and to have kept his distance from the Nazis” and instead was a mere, academic law professor (like “law” is independent from politics...).

From 1948 to 1949, he spent a year as visiting professor at Georgetown University in Washington.
Hallstein was co-founder of the eugenics, German national UNESCO committee and its president from 1949 to 1950.
French President Charles de Gaulle objected to Hallstein as President of the European Commission. In particular because he frequently visited US presidents, although he had no foreign relations mandate:

Walter Hallstein was both a member of the Association of National Socialist German lawyers that was founded and the Nazi Association of Law Protectors. Needless to say membership to these Nazi organisations was restricted to lawyers that supported, and participated in, the implementation of Nazi ideology.

In May 1938, for example, one year before the outbreak of WW II, Adolf Hitler paid a state visit to Italy. To further the goals a bi-national commission was established, with the goal of creating the legal basis of taking over European countries. One of the legal experts on this commission was none other than Walter Hallstein.

On 23 January 1939, in Rostock, Germany, Hallstein held a speech heralded the “link up” with Austria and large parts of Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) as “the Creation of the Greater German Reich” and the “legal Germanization of the New Territories”. In other words, he was claiming that Germany had the legal right to take over these countries.
Hallstein said that one of the most important laws to be introduced in the annexed countries was the “Law for the Protection of the German Blood"; he advocated the imposition of the Nuremberg race laws.
That Hallstein’s lecture was an official Nazi is confirmed by the presence of Nazi Minister of State, Dr. Scharf:

See some excerpts from Hallstein’s January 1939 speech (and judge for yourself):
All internal problems, all internal tasks are overshadowed by the great impact of the Link-up; they are overwhelmed by the magnificent impulses that the Legal Policy Work obtains from the Homecoming of Austria and Sudetenland.

The Creation of the Greater German Reich is:
• A political fact, a ‘Fuehrer Act’ of Epochal Dimension;
• One of those Acts that change the Landscape of History and fulfil an old Longing of the People;
• An Economic Event of sheer unimaginable consequences;
• An event of exceptional significance from the perspective of the History of the Law.

The task is no longer just to renovate a dilapidated old house, but to construct a New Building for an Enlarged Family on an Extended Territory.

Moreover, this process subjugates the People and the Territories to the Sovereignty of the Mother State with its defined Legislative and Executive Constitutional Powers.

In other legal areas, the Link-Up leaves the existing legal order intact. In all the Unified Territories, the old legal system continues – except, of course, where this contradicts the Constitution of the Unified State.

Thus, for the Greater German Reich, a Common Legal System is not a fact that automatically results from the creation of this (future) Reich, but it is a task.

The second group of immediate laws, which are expanding daily, comprises the Directives concerning the Build-up of State Organizations, Material Rights or Proceedings about which the National Socialist Law Maker has already cast its verdict – either by maintaining Existing Legal Conditions or by Creating New Ones.

These Directives are ‘causa iudicata’, i.e. they have entered from the State of Law Policy into the State of Existing Order. These laws require no further deliberations.

The most important Acts in this category that were immediately introduced were:
The Law for the Protection of the German Blood and the German Honour;
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