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Cool I Wanna Get High

Cypress Hills Cemetery was the first non-sectarian/non-denominational cemetery corporation organized in the Brooklyn/Queens area of New York City. The Cemetery is run as a non-for-profit organization and is located at 833 Jamaica Avenue in Brooklyn..Green-Wood Cemetery was founded in 1838 as a rural cemetery in Kings County, New York..Cypress Hills National Cemetery is the only United States National Cemetery in New York City and has more than 21,100 interments of veterans and civilians.. There are 24 Medal of Honor recipients buried in the cemetery, including 3 men who won the award twice.. Although Cypress Hills was established to honor Civil War veterans, its grounds include the graves of soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War, Spanish-American War, Korean War and Vietnam War..The British victory at the Battle of Bladensburg in August 1814 allowed them to capture and burn Washington, D.C, which had been abandoned by the military and government officials, but they were repulsed in an attempt to take Baltimore..Established in 1848 east of the Ridgewood Reservoir, a section of the cemetery was designated as the Cypress Hills National Cemetery in 1862 as a military burial ground for soldiers of the American Civil War, which in 1941 received the bodies of 235 Confederate prisoners who died on Hart Island...The largest of the 3 sections of the national cemetery is located at 625 Jamaica Avenue. Visitors enter through decorative wrought iron gates constructed in 1886.. The visitors lodge, built in 1887, is on the right. This Queen Anne style building has an office, meeting room and museum. There is a grave locator outside the lodge door.. This section of the cemetery contains approximately 15,000 graves. Although the parcel is quite narrow, it is long, and leads to a hilltop. The cemetery is divided into 16 sections..This cemetery also contains three British Commonwealth war graves from World War I - two sailors of the Royal Navy and one of the Merchant Navy..The Cemetery was also introduced in many Ghost Rider comics featuring the Legion of Vengeance...,_Brooklyn You wanna get high man?..Does El Capitan Howdy Doody got wooden Balls man?..Son, your mother and me would like for you to cozy up to the Finkelstein boy..El roacho..Yea, that's it.. Yea, we want something wear everybody wears something different man, but the same, you know...

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