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Arrow 6666 New York Win 4 Lottery Pick on Trump's inauguration predicted

New York Lottery Pick on Trump's inauguration predicted by Last Prophet - UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE
6666, the Win 4 Numbers Evening Lottery in New York (NY), hours after Trump was inaugurated: predicted and above all FULLY explained worldwide only by Last Prophet.
Note: the FULL story includes another prediction, the Easter 2017 pick.

Two days later, Jan 22:
As "the Powerball jackpot reaches $153 Million and the number continues to grow as there were no winners", alias another round of the LOOP script for illuminati lotteries:
Illuminati remind cattle about its two lottery options:
Powerball gives two options to the winners to collect their prize, by collecting the full cash sum — after taxes, and accepting the prize money over a 29-year annual payment plan, according to the Powerball website.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from 2005,one year after exposing worldwide first how all lotteries but one are rigged:

Lottery v elections
There are indeed two options when it comes to lotteries: rigged or not (albeit only one worldwide and drawn only once a year)
On the other hand elections, from USA to UK or any other EU state, from Canada to Australia and beyond, are carried out according to a script, written by one and the same.

New York (NY) Win 4 Evening Past 30 Day Winning Numbers
FRI 01/20/17: 6-6-6-6
archived snapshot:

Jan 22, 2017 - Powerball $153 Million Jackpot Drawn

From Dec 2016:
The original date for the act "Osama resurrects" was Easter Sunday. It had to be postponed SIX times, three of them already after the act "missing Boeing 777".
Obama Bin Laden resurrection: FINAL COUNTDOWN: 2016 and 3 weeks beyond: perfect 6666 matrix after 6 failed Easter Sundays

For elections and who the one and only script writer is, this is all you need:
Jan 20, 2017 - Trump's inauguration broadcast ALONE reveals illuminati total control.
Totally censored: Trump's crowd 20 times smaller than Obama 2009.
Also: 6 times smaller than 2013, as the illuminati suicide bomber casted as Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation was already detonating for 4 long years:

The LOOP in the illuminati lottery algorithm: Last Prophet predicted and above all explained the extension (largest U.S. jackpot ever) at the end of the show:
Posted days before the jackpot soared to 1,5 billion or twice the previous record.
Jan 2016 - Illuminati jokes: REPEAT Powerball soars, largest U.S. lottery jackpot ever UNTIL 1 BILLION .. and beyond.

Last Prophet's words from Dec 18, 2012, the day that the KEY number to El Gordo's exception becomes 200:
German beer and Spain's El Gordo lottery exceptions: same KEY: exactly the same procedure

Illuminati puppet governments: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology
All part of the same gang of illuminazi puppets executing orders from one and the same:
- 28 governors of EU states who are still called prime-ministers or presidents, BushClinton since 1988 including Hitlery since 2008 ("Hussein Obama" will now be stripped),
- BRICS (fake Putin, China, India, South Africa), "enemies" from Iran's Ayatollahs to Cuba and Notrh Korea and the ISIS caliphate alias the Raqqa mini-state; fake sunnis of Turkey, Saudi and Egypt gov.

All in Blog

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