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Originally Posted by urbanmonk View Post
A good interview Dr Conrad any and all efforts to try and wake the masses upto the dangers of vaccines is a worthy cause to be part off, really commend you for the work you are doing.

Thanks also for all the information/links you have posted in this thread, would be great if this information was in one of the bigger forums and made a sticky, also I think it would be good posting a copy of it over here.

To the Op the video does indeed deserve way more than 10k views but frankly the information is toxic to tptb and Youtube will likely keep the viewing figures down.
Originally Posted by dconrad000 View Post
I appreciate that, Urbanmonk...thank you.

To any moderators reading this...if you would care to watch the interview referenced (post #1)...and if you think it worthy --obviously making it a sticky in the biggest forum -- the Today's News forum (which has ten times the viewership of this forum) would dramatically increase the exposure to the information [...or even making it a sticky in this forum (General Discussion) where it is mirrored now -- would be greatly appreciated. This forum has about five times the viewership of the other referenced forum...].

Of course, that would be totally up to one of you moderators -- and how vital you might deem the information to be.
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