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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
They were such exciting matches, and the atmosphere in the crowd was a big part of that sense of occasion. I started to watch county cricket more, as many of those players were members of county teams.

In those pre-satellite television and pre-internet days, there wasn't wall-to-wall coverage, and with four years' gap between each Test series, it added to the relish.

I agree re Channel Four, but it's probably far worse on Sky now.

FAO: Mods - is there any chance you could post the trailer on my original post as an embedded video? I tried but it didn't work.
Yeah, it was great watching Marshall, Ambrose & Willis tearing up the field. I enjoyed watching the spin bowlers too. My favourite English batsman, the unconventional Derek Randall wasn't a feature of the West Indies matches much though, more of an Ashes hero.

I've watched a bit of the 20/20. It's not the same. Lol.
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