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Exclamation The Quarriemen

The school was founded in 1921 as Quarry Bank High School and its first intake of 225 pupils was on 11 January 1922. The first headmaster of the school was R.F. Bailey (an old Etonian). He formed the school on the principles of public school houses. Subsequently, the first year boys' house was named Bailey. The current Headmistress is Mrs Elizabeth Russell, replacing Mr Brian Davies in August 2012...
Honeywell entered the defense industry in World War II, at first producing aerospace elements. During and after the Vietnam Era, Honeywell's defense division produced a number of products, including cluster bombs, missile guidance systems, napalm and land mines. Minnesota Honeywell Corporation completed flight tests on an inertia guidance sub-system for the X-20 project at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, utilizing an NF-101B Voodoo by August 1963. The X-20 project was canceled in December 1963. The Honeywell project, founded in 1968, organized protests against the company to persuade it to abandon weapons production...Quarries - (1.) The "Royal Quarries" (Check Zedekiah's Cave) — not found in Scripture — is the name given to the vast caverns stretching far underneath the northern hill, Bezetha, on which Jerusalem is built. Hiram sent masons and stone-squarers to Jerusalem to assist Solomon's workmen in their great undertaking, but did not send stones to Jerusalem, where, indeed, they were not needed, as these royal quarries abundantly testify. Many quarries naturally fill with water after abandonment and become lakes. Others are made into landfills...
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