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Yesterday came suddenly
Tomorrow will receive
Today now you're at the wheel
I'll ask how does it feel

Yesterday when Heaven's gates
I contemplate, they seem so far,
Today they ain't so far away
And almost seem ajar...

When your halo slips for good,
You'll have to wear your hood
Good to feel the breeze of fear
On all the cynics, I'm ya mimick
All you losers, all abusers
Wasting all my precious energy

Remember where you came from
Sisters who told ya on a rainy day
They said that Heaven holds a place
For all of those who pray
And if you don't believe in my dream
Then you don't care anyway
Nobody or nothings ever getting in your way

Even as you pray to the lord
But don't feel you belong
No one's gonna notice if you never right or wrong
And if you and your next neighbour
Yeah, you don't quite get along
No one's gonna notice if you're singing anyway
Those not coming in for free will learn they gotta pay I.......

Keep what ya got, hold it, don't stop
Keep what ya got, by giving it all away......

A second competition, held with new judges, was won by Brunel's design on 16 March 1831, for a suspension bridge with fashionably Egyptian-influenced towers...By 1843, the towers had been built in unfinished stone, but funds were exhausted. In 1851, the ironwork was sold and used to build the Brunel-designed Royal Albert Bridge on the railway between Plymouth and Saltash...In 1860, Brunel's...Hungerford... suspension bridge, over the Thames in London, was demolished to make way for a new railway bridge to Charing Cross railway station, and its chains were purchased for use at Clifton. A slightly revised design was made by William Henry Barlow and Sir John Hawkshaw; it has a wider, higher and sturdier deck than Brunel intended, triple chains instead of double, and the towers were left as rough stone rather than being finished in Egyptian style...Work on the bridge was restarted in 1862, and was complete by 1864 – 111 years after a bridge at the site was first planned...On 23 May 2012, the London 2012 Olympic Torch relay crossed over the bridge, where two of the torchbearers came together in a 'kiss' to exchange the flame in the middle of Brunel's iconic landmark.

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