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Originally Posted by resistance View Post
An air rifle in my view is the ultimate hunting tool, they are quiet, accurate and easy to maintain and tune. Here is a list of excellent modern air rifles that can be tuned to near supersonic velocity's, around 1,100 feet per second.

(for other countries outside the USA check your air gun laws)
(To take an air rifle above 12ft lbs in the u.k is an offence without a f.a.c)

The air rifles on the list are not cheap to buy.

Theoben rapid 7 (mk 1)

A very easy weapon to maintain and tune.

Weihrauch hw 100 mk 1. a very very nice airrifle when tuned.

Air arms s410 (mk 1) a very nice bit of kit.

webley FX2000.

Tuning kits.
i own a daystate harrier x .177 with a harwood thum hole stock.
i also have a wierach hw 97k .22 and a few other guns on a f.a.c
i agree the airgun is the ultimate hunting tool for small animals, (rabbits, squirells ect) you need good understanding a field craft to hunt with one as you are in close proximity with your quarry. its a good way to get tasty free food and rabbits are a top bartering tool.
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