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Don't know all the high street figures for all this but I know one outlet "That's Entertainment" ( discount DVDs & CDs) has now closed down most if not all its high street stores and gone online as

The reason behind this a (ex) member of counter staff told me, was that of their entire customer database only 1% of their sales were made over the counter by physical footfall...1% !!! 99% of sales were made online. More and more Wetherspoons customers buying more beer with a swipe of a card (or using their smartphone to get waiter service straight to the table). The phone provider EE are the first company I've come across who will not accept cash payments for contract bills under any circumstances.

I don't know how far this trend applies to other big name stores from clothing to groceries, but it seems to be going that way.

Home delivery is on the up from all the major supermarkets from Sainsbury's to Iceland. Even McDonald's have introduced a contactless door to door delivery service.

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