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Originally Posted by 8 nephila 8 View Post
I suppose I'll help out with what ever study thing your doing.

I'm from the group "A Rh-negative"

I'm female

I'm a mother of one daughter NO birth complications (my doctor kept telling me how my husband and I hit the biological jackpot with our blood types him being "ab Rh - negitive." We conceived young both weren't concerned about finding a match to our blood in that way. Perhaps we sensed it somehow?)

I'm a Euromut breed in Canada, my family has French, Scottish, welsh, Irish, Cree and Austrian.
Most people in Canada are European decent, nothing too extraordinary.
My aunt held our long genology with great pride, but the strange thing is she would never let people see it, she told us to research it ourselves. I was heavy into dinosaurs at the time (7 years old) when I heard her and my dad talk about it and she looked at me and said that I might find it particularly interesting.
That does not mean she thinks your decendant from dinosaurs. Most typical people do not know anything of where the RH - comes from. It also does not mean anything to dinosaurs.

My skin doesn't tan, it burns and peals leaving a speckled reddish purple tint and not a pretty golden one

For god sake!!!!.

I have light freckles. .

For god sake!!!!. I know reptilians are real,but tanning has very little to do with been a cold blooded reptile.

My hair changes with the season, It's brown but takes on my reddish tones in summer sun. Also It was redder when I was a child.
So does everyone else, it lightens because of the sun.

Doesn't mean your a full whackjob alien.
My eyes are what my mother calls witch hazel. They change with what I wear or colors around me. They usually are a gray blue/green but greenish hazel with gold also pops out every now and then. [/COLOR]
Eyes don't change colour.

They only appear to because different clothes bring out the exact colour you have in your eye. The iris has melanlin pigments to give your eye the colour it has. This is like been born with black hair. Your hair doesn't change colour when you put on a jumper for fuck sake.

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