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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Try conveying these ideas over to the average cancer riddled person and see what reaction you get back. One of the first things they'd say to you would be "how come my doctor isn't telling me about this...wouldn't they know about it?". Why aren't they telling us that cancer is a fungus?. There are over a hundred cancers and they're not all healable. I suppose the easiest answer to that is that they are covering this up, but I don't think it's quite as simple as doctors keeping their mouths shut.
It's more than that.

If it is indeed true, and I believe it is, that cancer can be cured more frequently and with less patient trauma than with the methods allopathic doctors are currently using, then there will be the "devil to pay" - doctors would lose face, people who lost loved ones or are currently suffering will ask for compensation and actions to that end.

Already they are packaging products we conspiracy scientists knew about decades ago and are bringing them into the mainstream and making out as they invented/discovered them, e.g. cannabis, turmeric, immunotherapy and other protocols.
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