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Originally Posted by synergy777 View Post
luma wassup bro. longtime no see.

how is south africa.

only yesterday i watched a documentary on the lost libraries of timbuktu/mali, on bbc4.

mbeki/south african president gave some funds for them archive the old texts/manuscripts.
hey synergy, it has been a while. south africa's crazy as always, elections in a couple of months.

i was reading about that the other day (you'd think we could have a doccie about it too you know?), so much for africans never wrote anything eh?

been looking into a series of structures in northern sa called adam's calendar on which there once again has been a deafening silence from the government, it's basically a south african stonehenge and if you follow the ancient roads you find temples, houses, terraced farmlands(non native farming style), all extending as far as kenya. interesting stuff.
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