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Originally Posted by TheArranger View Post
Americans can’t read proper English anymore, I noticed it on a US based forum. Watch a B&W film starring Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney then switch to a recent Vin Diesel flick and you’ll see how American tongue set free from its English roots. It was strangely reshaped from German syntax following WWII…

Now about mathematics I think the problem arises far beyond your 1+1 example which is mere counting. Mathematic formula were coined as the only way to quantify newly mastered unseen forces like electricity but they also were used to make the nuke. It’s been some men’s personal choice to master these unseen forces so I guess you may indeed consider mathematics that helped them to as men’s creation as well.

I was taugh Latin and also picked German at school... yet I couldn't tell whether your here above question about 'truth' was serious or not...

All mathematics is counting.

I don't know if physics is a branch of mathematics, vica versa, or neither. I was top of the class in maths and bottom of the class in physics, so I can't really say.

My reply about truth was both serious and not serious. It was primarily a bit of tongue in cheek abstract, but also hints at problems to do with language structure and interpretation in general. You were not meant to be able to tell whether it was serious or not. That was sorta the point. I don't even know myself whether I was being serious or not. It's just one of those phrases ("where the truth lies") that fucks with one's bonce. It wasn't meant as a dig in any way though.


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