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That’s what happens once you’ve let lie and forgery rule over evidence and common sense like in advertising for instance, because it’s a whole lie culture. next step consists in growing and strengthening such a culture through media or even legislation like in Europe where historical investigation was made a crime. All these people get nervous, angry and threatening because they pertinently know they’re wrong, but we once let them go and lie be set as a rule so it’s too late.

French Senate has just been investigating the Elysée in the frame of the Benalla affair, namely accusing French government members of false testimony under oath, proof dissimulation, privilege and abuse of power. French president had lately tried to narrow the Senate’s prerogatives and power because he knew that investigation was being run, and Senate’s president publicly complained about the attempt by the Elysée.

Justice will decide in last resort so what do you think ? The Senate is made of mayors and other citizens elected by the population while most prominent judges and lawmen come from the top layer and privileged class of society, most if not all of them being tied to government or authority representatives by personal or occult connections like the ones forged by freemasonry.

These people aren’t even asked for actual proofs or evidences : their simple recall to the mythology they’ve been let build and secure is enough for them to ‘back up’ their grossly biased and tricked arguments at the Justice’s eyes. You the layman shut up and don’t bother : be still happy you’re let go with no sentence for having dared to try and disrupt the Order…

Mild carelessness or hypocrisy pile up along the time and generations until things get really unsustainable like in our days where blasphemy or heresy were made legal offenses or crimes in Westerner countries like never before in History. But again neither lie or the wealth or power it may earn are forever…
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