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Originally Posted by lagamorph View Post
@ OldStag... Have you figured out what beast was roaring outside your tent? And do you think it's the same type creature that was screaming when you stayed on the edge of the haunted forest?

I wonder what local ghost stories have been passed down in those areas.

Your posts are great.
I think the roarer was a red deer stag. It did have a kind of canine growl at the end of each roar/bark which kind of unsettled me.
The screamer I think was a red deer too, although I have since heard that wild boar have been spotted in the area.
I got audio footage of the roarer although it sounds pathetic when I play it back, more like a puppy outside the tent. Maybe I should stick it up on Youtube for an ID.
A lot of the old ghost stories and folk tales from up there have been lost since the Highland Clearances when whole townships were forcibly evicted for sheep grazing, but I do have a book called The Gaelic Otherworld. It was written by a man called J.G. Campbell who travelled throughout the Highlands asking old folks to recall tales so they he could write them down and preserve them. I'll need to dig it out sometime.
"I know corries in Argyll that whisper silken to the wind with juicy grasses. Corries where the deer love to prance deep in the cool dew and the beasts of far-off woods come in bands at their seasons and together rejoice." from John Splendid by Neil Munro
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