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Originally Posted by dawnbreak View Post just goolged/scroggled sayanim and it seems to mean nothing important.

perhaps is not on wiki any more simply because no-one would search that word unless prompted to by peeps

I am sure interest in finding out about the sayanim is waning...

Veteran's Today article on Sayanim

The Sayanim System
Sayanim (singular sayan) are shielded from conventional legal culpability by being told only enough to perform their narrow role. Though their help may be essential to the success of an Israeli operation, these volunteers (sayanim also means helpers) could pass a polygraph test because their recruiters ensure they remain ignorant of the overall goals of an operation.
In other words, a sayan can operate as an accomplice but still not be legally liable due to a lack of the requisite intent regarding the broader goals—of which they are purposely kept ignorant. Does that intentional “ignorance” absolve them of liability under U.S. law? So far, yes.
Much like military reservists, sayanim are activated when needed to support an operation. By agreeing to be available to help Israel, they provide an on-call undercover corps and force-multiplier that can be deployed on short notice.

I bet there was a big call up for this

Is Wikipedia impartial?

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