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Default This seasons sweet pea seeds saved

Here is our sweet pea savers for 2017, I have just looked on ebay and you get only 40 seeds for 99p, here is what fifty looks like for 50p, a bargain, we have over 3 pounds and still have another batch to collect this autumn that we planted slightly later.

The best thing is, we will trade these with other growers this year when we have our annual apple fest 16 Oct at the local pub.

The onions were superb this year, here is our second summer batch hanging, these should last us until the end of the year at least.

The toms are very slow this year, but coming on strong now, just making our first batch of tom chutney tonight. We always remove all the leaves if they are late to ripen it help to stop them from going off, cease watering too, to encourage ripening.

Take 4 lb of ripe toms, skins removed in hot simmering water, no extra water added,

2 tablespoons of mustard seed,
1 heaped tablespoon of all spice,
Place these two spices into a muslin cloth tied and place into the toms.
1 heaped teaspoon of loose Cayenne pepper straight into the toms.
Simmer for 3/4 hour to reduce.

Then add

400ml of white vinegar, apple or normal white,
1/2lb of sugar,
4 teaspoons of salt,

Then simmer for another 3/4 hour and bottle.

If you like spicy gear this one 's for you, tssssss.
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