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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
This is all about heirloom seed collecting and tested viability of the seeds for future use.

If we look at the seed vault at Svalgard, how long do the expect the seeds in their to remain viable. I have read that corn or wheat can easily last over thirty years, and others only a couple of seasons.

I have done my fair amount of collecting for about ten years, the last seven seriously, including many wild and cultivated herbs.

For my next serious project I'm build up stocks for a an Apocathery garden and have a few old rarities like Good King Henry, Teasle, Yarrow and many more, which I have been experimenting on myself for many years now armed with my trusted Culpeppers Complete Herbal.

Please can you tell me what and how you have been doing in this arena.
I would love to hear more of your apocathery garden.

I know, or have heard of one such garden. The owner had planted the medicine plants in a spiral, and in order that they might be needed in life!

For example on the outer area were the things that a pregnant mother or the child would need. As the child grew, then so the medicine changes to suit the things required in life, and into the future of the child. All those ills that one might meet along the way....teething cream, nappy rash...older now....tooth paste, spot cream, newly menstruating, etc!

And then tighter to the center of the spiral were things to make one fit again, herbs, potion ingredients etc etc.

at the center are things related to a dying body.

What you gonna do with yours?
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