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It looks like the state media is getting hysteric; not knowing which new lies to cook up for the masses.

Apparently the confidential information that Faris K. “leaked”, was telling 2 women that he worked for the DBB, which protects the Royal family and Geert Wilders.
Faris was just trying to impress these chicks (in Dutch):

On February 12, Geert Wilders said on the German TV, that it is so difficult for people to join his PVV party, because Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a radical Muslim. That would be a ridiculous answer to the question even if it was true (in Dutch):
According to the state media Pim Fortuyn was murdered by the white animal rights activist Volkert van der G. (no Muslim).
Wilders only apologised 2 weeks later (February 26) that he had meant to say that Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim. Theo van Gogh was a filmmaker, son of an intelligence agent (BVD), who investigated the murder of his friend Fortuyn together with the writer Tomas Ross (another son of an agent of the BVD).
According to the official story Van Gogh was murdered by a radical Muslim for insulting the Islam. If Wilders had meant to say Van Gogh, it makes no sense at all to explain why it’s so difficult to join the PVV.

To explain how ridiculous this mix-up is, a comparable example.
This could be seen as a politician answering a question about not staying in a hotel, with John F. Kennedy was murdered in a hotel by a jealous woman.
And then 2 weeks later apologising that he had meant to say that Sam Cooke was murdered by a jealous woman.
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