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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
It really doesn’t add up: according to our wonderful CBS the Netherlands reached a population of 14.5 million in 1985. In 2009 this had grown to 16.5 million and in 2017 to 17 million.
When I walk the streets the percentage of foreigners has increased dramatically (especially since 2001), but according to official numbers of the rise of some 2 million from 1985-2009 only 500,000 come from migration to the Netherlands (not only Muslims, but also Eastern Europeans).
If it's like the UK they will be lying about the figures, the official population of the UK is about 66 million but the Supermarkets estimate the true figure is 80 million based on the amount of food they are selling. The official figures are based on a survey of people entering the country, they are asked if they are planning to stay long term, if they say no they aren't counted as an immigrant whether they stay or not.
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