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Originally Posted by bendoon View Post
This is the main agenda of the Zionists, to empty the middle east of Muslims so they can create their greater Israel. Anyone like Trump or Wilders is an obstacle not an asset.
I’m afraid it’s a lot worse than just “clearing” the Middle East.
Depopulation Agenda21 is in full swing; I can tell you what it looks like in the Netherlands.

I can remember that already in the 1980s we were told about the terrible overpopulation in the Netherlands.
Since then they’ve fooled us into believing that the Netherlands has become even more crowded, by tricks like:
- Breaking up highways and other roads; to create traffic jams.
- Using extra short trains; there’s nothing like an overcrowded train to convince you of overpopulation.
- Demolishing buildings, both houses and public buildings; to insert new technology in buildings to poison Targeted Individual.

To prevent the streets from becoming empty we import migrants. Because of the high number of imported Arabs, while at the same time horror stories in the media about criminal Muslims, an Islamophobic politician like Geert Wilders gets many votes.

We are also told that the Dutch die averagely at the more than 80 years.
Here’s a picture from 2014 of the Dappermarkt in my home town Amsterdam; do you see all of the white and old people?

It really doesn’t add up: according to our wonderful CBS the Netherlands reached a population of 14.5 million in 1985. In 2009 this had grown to 16.5 million and in 2017 to 17 million.
When I walk the streets the percentage of foreigners has increased dramatically (especially since 2001), but according to official numbers of the rise of some 2 million from 1985-2009 only 500,000 come from migration to the Netherlands (not only Muslims, but also Eastern Europeans).
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