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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

You may well see Tavistock programming; I have to say I don't, for these reasons.

There are some people who will see or suspect an agenda pretty much everywhere. Within that claim, there's an underlying subtext; i.e. ordinary members of the public who take up music are incapable of coming up with compositions and images out of their own creative imaginations. It must be the work of an elite think tank somewhere. Credit the "ordinary person on the street" with SOME talents, for goodness sake.

While I don't rule out the influence of these think tanks in some spheres of society, where things pertaining to the music industry are concerned, 'truthers' always attempt to create a one size fits all narrative that they can conveniently project upon any artist whom they disapprove of. People are far too nuanced to be reduced to this kind of black and white thinking.
no i think humanity are infinately creative but i think that the music industry is a tightly controlled area where many creative and talented people are frozen out of it

The 'successful' people who gain 'success' because they are promoted by the corporate media are the ones who are helping further the agendas of the el-ite who have such a tight control over the industry

To think otherwise is naive
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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