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David, this is more of a comment than a question. After finding your information about a decade ago, so much has changed for me. A lot of people can't seem to get past the "lizard" thing which is a shame because they're missing the most important part of your message, which is to think for oneself. To learn discernment and to KNOW when something is true or not. This is one of our lost senses, dulled by controlling forces across the centuries. When I first saw you on the history channel (which was the catalyst to my current path) I was a person that still believed in the God of the bible. I was an angry person and a self-destructive person. I also always tuned into the good in people (and even imagined it was there when it was not - it's a wonder I'm still alive, truth be told). I was naive and damaged. Now, several years later, after doing a LOT of work on myself as a person (because it starts with ourselves first), I am an informed atheist. I am a peaceful person and I no longer want to leave this plane because it hurts too much. I also no longer believe that every being in human form is in fact human or good. I've gone from thinking that the humans are a species worth saving (because nothing can destroy our infinite consciousness) to doubting that this human manifestation is really worth fighting for at all. Please don't get me wrong, there are many individuals in human and animal form that I absolutely adore and would die defending but I don't think our species is a good one. In fact I think it's defective and I think that it was genetically manipulated to prevent any meaningful evolution. I think things have gone too far and I don't think anything other than total cataclysm will give our collective consciousness the boost it needs to truly wake up.

I watched your video at at the start of your thread. I can tell you feel despondent too.

Thank you for being you. I hope we can meet in person one day. I'd love that. Good vibes to you, David. xoxox
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