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I have viewed some of the places they have marked as safe. It is far safer where I am. There is an agenda here and I hope people will study it carefully. As far safe from the ocean 1 place they have marked is in New Jersey, a much lower altitude than the one I live in.

Of course I am at the downstream of radiation just like everybody else. Fukushima is a slow acting China syndrome. Also the history of not reporting and under reporting nuclear accidents is a direct policy of the US government. Three mile Island as we where told was just a small release and no big deal. This is according to news propaganda here. The rest of the world understands the nuclear release at 3 Mile Island at the time it happen as the second most horrible accident. Now with the 3 Daiichi plant in ruins it has been moved to number three. It has come to my conclusion that there is no safe place they have no reason to move anyone anywhere. This is all agenda driven, how else can I drive this point home.
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