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Default Group of Native Americans Kill Sasquatch

Generational Stories: Group of Native Americans Kill Sasquatch
Submitted by Scott McMan on October 10, 2011 – 5:56 AM5 Comments | 3,220 views

Hi there,

This is my response and comment to your story a year ago, you may find my theory interesting.

I believe every word this guy has written, my theory is this. The Sasquatch in the story may have been watching over this family for a very long time, and may have seen through their widows the father beating his kids, maybe it was just a smacking his kids got for something they had done, but either way the Sasquatch, may have seen this once too often, then one day he may have seen the father really coming down hard on his kids, they may have cried or screamed out loud, the Sasquatch, may have thought enough is enough and decided to give the man some of his own medicine, unfortunately for him the Sasquatch is probably 10 times or 20 times as strong as the father,resulting in the father being beaten to a pulp. The Sasquatch was just helping the children. But who knows, maybe this should be followed up in the future, and kids who will be all grown up now, should be interviewed to find the truth, but only if they are willing to find the truth themselves, only then will they find true closure in their life, and that the Sasquatch was actually a good Sasquatch trying to help them, but not realizing his immense strength took it to far for their poor father, resulting in both their unfortunate ends.

Kind regards

Brian Robson
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